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Make software security a summer priority

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summer software security

Do you rely upon SaaS applications to run your business? Then you need SaaS Escrow. Summer is traditionally a time when businesses slow down, but one area that you cannot afford to take your foot off the gas is your software security. Whether you have skeleton staff or not, you must ensure that your SaaS access is continual so that your services remain operational and your client’s confidence remains intact.

Software Security

SaaS escrow is unique in that it offers protection to both business owners as the end user, and also the developer of the application. Software escrow agreements enable you as the end user, to access a copy of their source code should the software provider be no longer able to offer this service any longer. Ordinarily, if the software provider goes out of business, the end user simply loses access to their cloud-based software. This would be catastrophic to businesses not only in terms of loss of operations, but also loss of client confidence.

Assured Access

Access Assure, is an SaaS escrow plan that can help protect your access to SaaS applications. It offers you enhanced security for your business operations by monitoring your SaaS provision. Should any breaks in your providers services or discrepancies in their financial situation be detected, Access Assure triggers a cascade of actions to alert you of potential risk. This advance warning enables you to resolve issues and review your provider in good time, while upholding SaaS access so your clients are none the wiser.

Investment Protection

In addition to software security, our SaaS Escrow offers investors peace of mind too. If you have bought bespoke business-critical technology with investor funding, or are simply writing your business plan for the future, you are going to want to demonstrate how you will protect that investment. Access Assure shows your investors that you are serious about business and savvy with their capital.

Make software access your summer priority, and speak to one of our specialists on how to implement SaaS escrow in your organisation today. Call now on 0800 456 1115.


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