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    Escrow transfer

Why transfer your current escrow agreements?

  • You may already have a number of software escrow agreements in place and you may have not in the past been aware of a viable alternative.
  • If your costs are increasing on an annual basis and you would like to reduce these costs but your escrow arrangements represent an important element of your risk management strategy, we can help.
  • You may have had your current escrow agreements in place for 10 years or more and it may no longer reflect your group structure.

LE&AS have a vast amount of experience of working with Software Vendors and Software Users in transferring their escrow services to LE&AS. LE&AS manage all of the administration so that the transfer of services is as seamless as possible. Our concern is your continued protection and that you have the opportunity to reduce your costs and improve your legal protection, without increasing your workload.

Simply contact us on 0800 456 1115 for a no obligation discussion as to how we can help you reduce your current escrow costs.

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