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Why your reputation matters in business

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business reputation

Want to stay ahead of the competition? You need to be more than just bigger and faster. Reputation speaks louder than all the USP’s of your competitors, and one way to protect yours is to maintain business continuity.

Keep your head in the cloud

Companies who rely upon cloud-based services can provide online services to clients across the globe. But what happens when those services fail? First and foremost, you usually end up with blank screen syndrome. This in and of itself is pretty catastrophic as you are left with no software access, no services and ultimately no operations. Add to this the fact that your client data is held in the cloud, and could now be compromised, and you have a huge problem on your hands.

News travels fast

We all know that reputations precede us, and companies rely upon word of mouth almost as much as their digital marketing strategy. If your services are unreliable it will spread like wildfire before you can so much as tweet an apology. So how can you protect yourself against software failures? Well, in short you cannot. There is no magic wand that can ensure that all your cloud-based services will work seamlessly all of the time. Moreover, there is no crystal ball that can predict your SaaS providers being hit with bankruptcy.

Protect your reputation

Fortunately, the experts at LE&AS have created an SaaS specific escrow agreement that is drawn up between software and/or host provider and the end user. The agreement, AccessAssure, can identify potential disruptions to your service by actively monitoring your software provider. If any changes are highlighted, they trigger a cascade of action to inform you of potential disruptions to your service. This advance warning gives you a window in which to explore the situation and, if necessary, move your SaaS service elsewhere to prevent breaks in continuity of service.

If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition you need to insure more than just your stock, call LE&AS and start protecting your business continuity today on 0800 456 1115.


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