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Why you need SaaS Escrow this season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for retail businesses as Britain prepares for a cracking Christmas. In December last year, Britain spent £50bn with retailers between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, and online shopping is responsible for a huge amount of retail revenue. With the rise of the smart phone, customers now want to order their presents online and on the go. Retailers invest in eCommerce software to meet the huge demands placed on them, and SaaS plays a vital role in maintaining business continuity.

When things go wrong

Systems failures can and do happen, but for it to occur during your busiest period could be catastrophic. But what happens when your Saas service or host providers go out of business? Whether you have invested in bespoke software or software as a service you are going to need to protect your continuity to keep customer confidence. Loss of cloud-based technology such as Software as a Service (SaaS) can bring far more than technical hitches. You can also lose access to all business-critical data too. If your business operation is solely reliant on SaaS then you need to invest in AccessAssure.

Peace of mind with SaaS Escrow

SaaS escrow is a proactive agreement that protects end-users in the event that their service providers or host providers go into administration. LE&AS are SaaS experts and have developed AccessAssure with SaaS clients in mind. AccessAssure monitors the financial performance, of both the software provider and the hosting company. Should they appear to be in trouble or heading out of business, this will trigger a cascade of events to ensure continuity of service. Our dedicated legal team have worked to create an agreement to incorporate all parties involved in the SaaS service; the software vendor (licensor), the software user (licensee) and a third-party hosting provider. SaaS escrow is simply invaluable to clients using the cloud, especially during the busiest season of the year. Contact LE&AS today to find out more.


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