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Why you need SaaS escrow in your business plan

New year, new business? If so, then you are one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who have decided to make good on their promise to be their own boss. We are well into 2018, so if you have been finalising your business plan then now is the time to act.

Over 650,000 new companies were established in 2016, a marked increase on the 608,000 launched in 2015, and 2017 figures look set to follow suit. Many startups begin with an online presence, meaning that you will be hugely reliant upon business-critical software right from the get-go.

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Business technology is vital in order to get ahead. You need software that is both responsive and reliable, and robust enough to cope with the demands of a busy eCommerce enterprise. Unless you are technology whizz kid, this will usually mean that you are equally as reliant upon a software provider to deliver the goods on a daily basis. To keep business overheads low and profits high, most startups invest in Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that you are not only reliant upon the software functionality, but also the software provision.

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When writing business plans, savvy entrepreneurs recognise that not only do they need contingency plans to protect their software investments, but also their software access. SaaS access can become compromised for a number of reasons, but the main cause is usually the software provider or host provider going out of business. In this event, the software may be rendered unusable or inaccessible, meaning that your business functionality ceases and your client data disappears overnight. Having SaaS escrow in place is the best way to protect your software access should your software provider, host provider or both, go into administration.

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Access Assure

LE&AS offer businesses a solution to maintaining SaaS access with our proactive escrow agreement. Designed with SaaS users in mind, Access Assure can help maintain your business continuity by monitoring maintaining your software access. By monitoring your software provider, we can identify potential disruptions to your service in advance so that you can take the necessary steps to protect your business-critical software. Get your business off to a great start by making sure that Access Assure is part of your business plan.

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