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Why the Cloud is key for eCommerce

The Cloud

Do you use the Cloud? Almost all businesses rely upon it in some form or another, for web hosting, storage and more. As eCommerce continues to take the world by storm, the Cloud is going to play an even bigger part in our global economy. Just a decade ago, 5.1% of retail purchases were placed online, whereas in 2018 eCommerce accounts for 14.3% of these sales. ECommerce is now worth over $517 billion in the US alone, and a staggering 40% of these eCommerce orders were placed on a smart phone.

Online Sales

What does this mean for retailers? The sales industry is being driven by more and more consumers who want to search and purchase their goods online and on-the-go, 24 hours a day. As a result, retailers need to have reliable software and host providers when it comes to their eCommerce provision. More businesses are using Software as a Service (SaaS) to give their clients tailored product searches and customer service around the clock. Cloud computing is a popular alternative for business owners rather than the traditional methods of purchasing software, but like any software provision, the Cloud isn’t without it’s risks.

ECommerce Access

If there is an interruption to your SaaS provision, you risk losing your software and your sales. From client data to product catalogues, your company could lose access to everything and no longer be able to operate. This could be due to a technical fault or your provider going into administration. Although this eventuality cannot be prevented, companies can act now to help identify the risk of this happening in advance thanks to SaaS escrow.

Cloud Protection

Access Assure is our unique software escrow service which proactively monitors your software and host providers. Should there be any changes in service provision or their financial circumstances, a series of inbuilt triggers are initiated and you will be alerted to potential risks in advance. This enables you to make critical decisions that ensure your business-critical software remains accessible and operational at all times. Don’t leave your sales and software access to chance, invest in Access Assure to protect you in the event that your providers cease trading. For more information call now on 0800 456 1115.


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