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Why SaaS escrow promotes data protection

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Digital data is central to the daily operation of businesses worldwide, and in 2017 we are more dependent on software than ever before. If you are reliant on business-critical software, then it goes without saying that you are going to need to protect said software in just the same way that you would protect your premises and products. Sure, your Software Provider and/or Host should offer comprehensive disaster recovery in the event of a software crisis, but what happens when these providers cease trading? In a marketplace dominated by cloud-based data and Software as a Service (SaaS), is it really possible to protect our digital data?

Digital Data Protection

Any UK business that holds an individual’s information is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), which stipulates that a breach of Data Protection, usually by the data controller, is punishable by fines or even custodial sentences. When it comes to digital data protection for SaaS, both the customer using SaaS and the SaaS host/provider can be deemed as the data controller at any one time. Understandably, this complicates data protection somewhat as multiple parties can be responsible for the handling of digital data, hence the need for expert advice on how to best protect all involved within a bespoke SaaS Escrow agreement.

Why SaaS Escrow Can Help

SaaS Escrow is the solution to protecting both your services and your data should your software or host provider cease trading. In the event that a provider goes out of business, those who are dependent upon SaaS will not have only lost access to services, but may well have lost access to an entire customer database containing confidential, and in some cases irreplaceable data. Such a loss could render a company in breach of the DPA, and the inability to access and retrieve crucial data could be catastrophic, so if you want to maintain continuity and retain customer confidence in your business then you need AccessAssure.

Anytime Access with AccessAssure

Access Assure

LE&AS are experts in SaaS protection and have designed the unique AccessAssure SaaS escrow agreement to benefit software vendors, host providers and end users alike in the event that a vendor or provider goes out of business. We understand the need to maintain software accessibility while protecting confidential client data and provide a pro-active monitoring service to identify any risks and support continuity of service. LE&AS monitors the location and security of customer software and data at all times and secures the end user’s contractual right to retrieve said data from the provider if they wish to do so, in line with the DPA. AccessAssure also reduces the costs of protecting customer data within the SaaS service, as unlike other agreements where multiple monthly back-ups are compulsory, customers only pay for the additional backup protection of their data as and when they really need to.

So, what are you waiting for? Protect your business-critical software and data with AccessAssure today for total peace of mind.

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