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Why App Security is Essential for Start Ups

app security for start ups

App security is the latest buzz word in business. Why? Because apps are where it is at when it comes to running your business on the go, so you need to protect them. Cloud-based business connects you with clients anywhere in the world, and Start Ups need to maintain access to business-critical software at all times.

Start Ups and SaaS

When operating within the cloud, businesses rely upon Software as a Service (SaaS) to access their software virtually. Thanks to software developers, you can access almost all software through the cloud via apps, rather than need to buy and install it, which reduces overheads for Start Ups. When using SaaS, you access your business-critical software via a link or application that is hosted elsewhere. Your app security and access to your SaaS is at the mercy of your software developer or host provider, as it is their responsibility to maintain your access. But what happens when your software developer or host provider fall into administration?

Maintaining business continuity

The ideal solution to protect it would be for the SaaS service supplier to create a copy of a virtual server and your SaaS application so that should their services fail, you still maintain access. However, this option is not widely offered and can be expensive due to the constant back-ups needed.

To protect your SaaS access without costly back-ups, try the AccessAssure Agreement from LEAAS. Designed for SaaS based applications, this agreement proactively monitors the connections and financial status of your provider. It has built-in trigger points that set off a cascade of actions to give you plenty of warning about a potential threat to your access. That way, you have time to speak to your providers to discuss and/or choose to take your SaaS hosting elsewhere.

Launch your business with LEAAS

When launching a StartUp you need to make sure that all bases are covered to keep client confidence, because happy clients’ equal growth in a business. Let LEAAS take the headache out of software access and give you peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

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