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The True Cost of Data Loss

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It is fair to say that we are in a “digital age” and computers, software and the subsequent data it creates is around us all the time and in everything we do. There influence on our personal and business lives is huge and increasing all the time. They are on the most part extremely reliable, powering up each morning to that reassuring tune as you sit down with that first cup of coffee of the day. But such is their reliability have we become complacent to the fact that one day when you sit down a blank empty screen stares back at you, or a warning box appears telling you in a matter of fact kind of way that an “error” has occurred. Computers and software are like that, they don’t break it to you gently. That sinking feeling comes over you and your stomach tightens, only now does the stomach churning reality kick in of the impact this could have on your day, your week, your business!

“It will never happen to me, what are the chances” – I here you say. Well here are some key statistics that might just highlight that could it, would it, should it happen, what the impact might be to you and your business. At least now you will know and the choice to protect yourself and your business is an informed one!

The true cost of data loss


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