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How to scale-up your business

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Ready to take your business to the next level? You are not alone. According to the ScaleUp Institute, there have been 35,210 scale-up businesses in recent years, defined as companies that increased their revenues or staff numbers by 20% over a three-year period.

Scale-up success

Scaling up your business requires a great deal of time and planning, not to mention investment. If you are looking to scale-up then you need to know your business software plans inside out. Combing through the finer details may not seem as pressing as the very real business of taking your company to the next level, but these steps are vital.

Go digital

To scale-up your business, you need to go digital. Savvy businesses are hugely reliant on Software as a Service (SaaS) for their everyday operations. Many entrepreneurs will be developing bespoke cloud-based business technology so it makes sense to protect this investment. With this in mind, if you are about to scale-up your SaaS business, a key consideration must be how to maintain business continuity at all times.

Protecting investments

We have all been at the receiving end of a computer malfunction. Whether it is a system crashing or a virus rendering it inoperable, software errors are inconvenient at best. But when said software is responsible for your day to day functions and data access it is another matter entirely.  If you lose access to your business-critical software, you lose continuity of service and your clients trust. Lost clients mean lost profits, and it is for this reason that entrepreneurs need to protect their SaaS access with SaaS Escrow.

Access Assure

SaaS escrow is a specific agreement that protects the users of SaaS when there is loss of service, or if the provider and/or host of their cloud-based critical software goes into administration. In SaaS emergencies where services are interrupted or suspended, a client with SaaS escrow would still maintain continued access to their business-critical software. As well as holding software source code as in a traditional escrow agreement, AccessAssure will also temporarily provide/host your services until a new host/provider can be found.
AccessAssure is designed to incorporate all parties involved in the SaaS service; the software vendor (licensor), the software user (licensee) and the hosting provider. If you are investing in next level software for your scale-up, make sure you invest in next level protection. Contact LEAAS for more information today on 0800 456 1115.

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