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Protect your services to keep client confidence

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Business Services

Losing access to business services due to a technical fault is one thing, but it is entirely different when a provider ceases trading. This is because your provider is no longer able to repair, maintain or uphold your Software as a Service (SaaS) access, therefore you simply lose all functionality. In addition, SaaS businesses face the very real danger of compromising their confidential customer data. The damage incurred by this loss could hit you harder in terms of future business than the potential hit you would take by breaching the Data Protection Act 1998. Either way, loss of services and loss of client confidence could prove devastating to your company.  

Why we are different 

Historically, protecting your services has meant reacting to an event or emergency within your business or with your software providers. If your SaaS providers cease trading, traditional escrow only jumps into action when the event has already happened, however Access Assure is different. Our software escrow service is proactive rather than reactive. It features a series of inbuilt trigger points that initiate a cascade of alerts before an issue arises. Access Assure will identify changes in your providers circumstances well in advance, allowing you to take any necessary action.  

Going the extra mile 

Access Assure also assists with potential contractual arrangement issues between a software provider and their hosting company. Many large hosting providers are simply not prepared to take over small individual end users should a software provider go out of business. Even if your software is still operational, you may have no access to it as the contract ends with the software provider. We believe that being forewarned is forearmed, and by giving you early notification you can maintain your SaaS access and protect your business continuity.  

Assure access to your services

Access Assure protects providers, hosts and end users in the event that a SaaS provider ceases trading to enable you to review your current provision and consider hosting your software elsewhere as needed. If you rely on SaaS, prioritise your software access with LE&AS and protect your client confidence. Call now on 0800 456 1115. 


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