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Protect your cloud-based software this summer

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shutterstock_596637386_resizedAs we swap sharp suits for swim suits during the holiday season, this is one time of the year when our attention is more focused on flying through the clouds rather than protecting what we have in the Cloud. If your business is reliant upon cloud-based software, it is vital that you protect and maintain your service access at all times, and never more so than when you are away on holiday. Read on to find out why you can’t afford to leave your business operation to chance this summer, and how Software as a Service Escrow can help give you peace of mind.

Cloud Computing

Thanks to its affordability and instant access, cloud-computing continues to be the fastest growing method with which to run your business and invest in business-critical software. The unprecedented demand for cloud-based software, or Software as a Service (SaaS) over traditional installed software, has seen software developers and vendors rising to the challenge of building bigger, better and faster SaaS solutions for companies across the globe. Almost all standard software is now available through the cloud, with many more applications being designed solely for use within the Cloud.

Cloud Crisis

If you’ve got instant access to SaaS through the Cloud, you may think you are sitting pretty, but now is not the time to let your guard fall. Unlike traditional software that is delivered and licensed to an end user, SaaS applications are hosted on the vendor’s infrastructure, and, more importantly, so too is any business-critical data. The end user relies upon access to the hosted software and data via a link or application from the vendor. In the event that this link breaks, you lose access to your software and your critical data and your business could face potentially devastating consequences. As a SaaS user, you don’t have the same software escrow rights that an end user who has installed licensed software has, yet you still have the same needs to ultimately protect access to your software and maintain business continuity.

Cloud Cover

Vendors going out of business is not something that LE&AS can control, but our SaaS escrow agreement AccessAssure can alert you to the likelihood of such an event occurring in the near future. This patented software escrow agreement has been created with legal experts to include in-built trading trigger points. Should your host or software provider be in financial difficulty, these triggers will set off a cascade to begin a timely intervention ensuring continued access to your business-critical cloud-based software and data. Contact us about AccessAssure today then sit back, relax, and soak up the sun shine knowing that when it comes to your business-critical software and data you have got it covered.

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