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How to protect your SaaS access

Software Failure

Sales going through the roof this week? There is nothing like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kick start the Christmas shopping season. This, of course, means that your software as a service needs to be firing on all cylinders. … Read More…

Common mistakes made in SaaS business

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Business Mistakes

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is risk to their investment. We can’t create bullet proof businesses, but we can be aware of the risks that we face and be proactive in avoiding them. Here we identify the fatal … Read More…

Why the Cloud is key for eCommerce

The Cloud

Do you use the Cloud? Almost all businesses rely upon it in some form or another, for web hosting, storage and more. As eCommerce continues to take the world by storm, the Cloud is going to play an even bigger … Read More…

Protect your services to keep client confidence

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Business Services

Losing access to business services due to a technical fault is one thing, but it is entirely different when a provider ceases trading. This is because your provider is no longer able to repair, maintain or uphold your Software as a … Read More…

Make software security a summer priority

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summer software security

Do you rely upon SaaS applications to run your business? Then you need SaaS Escrow. Summer is traditionally a time when businesses slow down, but one area that you cannot afford to take your foot off the gas is your … Read More…

Why your reputation matters in business

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Want to stay ahead of the competition? You need to be more than just bigger and faster. Reputation speaks louder than all the USP’s of your competitors, and one way to protect yours is to maintain business continuity. Keep your … Read More…

How to survive when your SaaS provider goes bust

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SaaS failure

The Cloud is rapidly taking over as the most popular way to store services and data. It is easy to access anywhere in the world and is significantly more cost effective than hosting your own software. Cloud-based businesses will do … Read More…

Does your business need Software Escrow?

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In an age where we can run a million-pound empire from our smart phone, it goes without saying that technology is important. We rely on up-to-the-minute software for connectivity like never before, and there is nothing that can bring fear … Read More…

Five mistakes that every small business should avoid

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You’ve got the business plan, you’ve got the funding. So, what next? More SME’s are being launched than ever before, but not all of them are succeeding. Some fail due to poor products others due to poor planning. If you … Read More…

Why App Security is Essential for Start Ups

App security is the latest buzz word in business. Why? Because apps are where it is at when it comes to running your business on the go, so you need to protect them. Cloud-based business connects you with clients anywhere … Read More…