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Business after Covid-19

Posted on by admin
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Thinking about and preparing to open your business’s doors again after the coronavirus lockdown is certainly daunting. Whilst the effects will vary greatly from business to business, we’re all returning to a new normal. It’s important to look ahead to … Read More…

What you need to know as a stay at home CEO

Posted on by Rachel
work from home

Working remotely has never been more crucial, not just for flexibility but for our safety. Unless you are a key worker who needs to be out, lockdown has got everyone working from home. So, how do you run a successful … Read More…

Can coronavirus affect your company

Posted on by Rachel
coronavirus and companies

When you consider risks to your business, it is unlikely that you considered the effect of a pandemic on your profit margin. Yet here we are, in the midst of coronavirus, facing incredible uncertainty across all industries. Coronavirus Crisis Social … Read More…

How to run a business from anywhere in the world

Working from the beach

Want to work remotely? Thanks to Software as a Service (SaaS) it is possible to run a business from anywhere in the world. From bloggers to entrepreneurs, anyone with an idea to sell a product or a service can do … Read More…

What you need to know to start a business in 2020

new business owner

New decade, new business? If 2020 is the year that you take the plunge and dive into the world of business, you are going to need to know what to expect. Here is our four-step guide to getting your venture … Read More…

How software security can save your business

christmas software security

Shutting down shop for Christmas? If you are an eCommerce business owner then this is highly unlikely. Christmas Eve and Boxing Day continue to be some of the most popular retail days in Britain, which means that your business software … Read More…

How to protect your SaaS access

Software Failure

Sales going through the roof this week? There is nothing like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kick start the Christmas shopping season. This, of course, means that your software as a service needs to be firing on all cylinders. … Read More…

Common mistakes made in SaaS business

Posted on by admin
Business Mistakes

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is risk to their investment. We can’t create bullet proof businesses, but we can be aware of the risks that we face and be proactive in avoiding them. Here we identify the fatal … Read More…

Why the Cloud is key for eCommerce

The Cloud

Do you use the Cloud? Almost all businesses rely upon it in some form or another, for web hosting, storage and more. As eCommerce continues to take the world by storm, the Cloud is going to play an even bigger … Read More…

Protect your services to keep client confidence

Posted on by admin
Business Services

Losing access to business services due to a technical fault is one thing, but it is entirely different when a provider ceases trading. This is because your provider is no longer able to repair, maintain or uphold your Software as a … Read More…