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New Year, New Software Protection

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Development and growth are vital for any SME. If your New Year resolution is to be healthier and stronger, then you would do well to apply this to your business too. Ecommerce continues to take centre stage and Software as a Service (SaaS) is now a key part of any successful business plan. This means that SaaS is a valuable commodity and worth protecting.

Avoiding SaaS disaster

Businesses that are reliant upon cloud-based technology need to have constant access to their virtual services at all times. Without it, day to day business operations can no longer function. Disruptions to SaaS access can and do occur, when technologies fail, viruses hit or with human error. This is why firewalls, security and staff training can all play a major part in protecting maintaining business continuity. But what happens when your software provider fails?

When Software providers fail

Modern SaaS applications are hosted by the software provider or vendor, and the end user accesses the services through a link or application. In the event that the saas vendor goes into administration, this link breaks and end users are left high and dry. Not only will you lose access to your virtual services, but you will also stand to lose any business-critical data stored within those services. Businesses that use SaaS do not benefit from the same rights as someone who has installed licensed software. So how can you use SaaS yet still protect access and maintain business continuity?

Prevention is better than cure

Access Assure is an SaaS escrow agreement that can alert you to the possibility of a disruption to your service. Designed and built by LEAAS with a team of legal experts, the agreement proactively monitors your vendor’s financial status. Should a potential problem arise, built-in trigger points will be activated and you will be alerted. This system facilitates a timely intervention, should one be necessary, allowing you to confirm the security of your SaaS access and/or move it elsewhere. Don’t leave access to your business-critical software to chance, contact LEAAS to implement AccessAssure today.



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