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Managing software risk for business

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Moving software forward

If your business launch depends upon SaaS then you will be well aware of the risks involved for all parties when moving forward. First and foremost, the entrepreneurs themselves are investing their hard-earned cash in to software to launch and maintain their new venture. Secondly, there are the investors ploughing their personal capital into a project, and then, of course, you have the software providers and host providers themselves. Successful software provision is reliant upon all parties fulfilling their end of the bargain. If one platform fails to remain reliable or one partner fails to make a payment, then the whole process falls down and the risk of technology failure increases.

Manage software risk

So, what can be done to manage the software risk and protect your business? As an investor, you want to ensure a return on your money, as an entrepreneur you want to see business growth and as a software or host provider you want to maintain lines of communication and of course payment. The biggest threat to businesses that are dependent upon SaaS is rarely a problem with the software itself, but more likely a problem with the provider. If the software provider or host provider goes out of business, then the software access ceases, posing a real risk to clients who have business-critical software.

Maintain software access

Monitoring and maintaining access to your software is simple thanks to AccessAssure. This unique SaaS escrow agreement monitors the financial status of both your hosting provider (HP) and software provider (SP). Designed with SaaS users in mind, AccessAssure will notify you of any changes in either one, or both of your provider’s circumstances that may affect their ability to trade. By identifying potential risks early on, you can confirm the provider’s current position and make any necessary changes to maintain their current software provisions. If the provider is unable to continue with the service, AccessAssure works to maintain software access by upholding access to your SaaS for up to three months, while helping you to transfer to a new host.

To monitor your SaaS provision and manage the software risk for your business simply call LEAAS on 0800 456 1115 today.

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