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Maintain eCommerce continuity this Christmas

With online shopping gaining popularity for convenience, e-commerce companies are looking forward to their biggest Christmas yet. Cloud-based software is key to the success of many online retailers who enjoy the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) without the unnecessary overheads. But how do you maintain an eCommerce website over Christmas? Read on to find out how LE&AS can help you to stay one step ahead of your SaaS this season and beyond.

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What are the threats to my SaaS?

Cyber technology has revolutionised retail business, but as wonderful as it is, there are many reasons why things can go wrong.  Cloud-based business-critical software is dependent on your host provider/software developer maintaining their service. As with any cyber-based service, bugs and viruses are often considered the main concern to SaaS users, but in this turbulent economy, the biggest threat is actually your providers going out of business.

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So, what happens if your providers cease trading? Often the first knowledge of a problem with your software provider is when you receive the dreaded blank screen on your systems. At this point, you go to your providers who should (but may not) inform you that they have gone into administration. You may have lost some or all access to your software as a service, so you will then be faced with the mad scramble to get your services hosted and/or provided by someone else.

eCommerce emergency

Prevention is better than cure

The LE&AS SaaS escrow agreement, AccessAssure, can help you stay one step ahead of blank screen syndrome by identifying potential disruptions to your service. AccessAssure proactively monitors your software provider and key triggers identify a change in their financial circumstances that may indicate potential disruptions to their service. When these triggers are activated it prompts a cascade that will inform you of the changes. The advance warning will give you ample opportunity to consider moving your software to a new host. Furthermore, under our SaaS escrow, your existing software provider would be bound to facilitate this move.

In order to uphold access to your services and maintain eCommerce continuity, stay one step ahead this season with LE&AS. Call our team now on 0800 456 1115.


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