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How to survive when your SaaS provider goes bust

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SaaS failure

The Cloud is rapidly taking over as the most popular way to store services and data. It is easy to access anywhere in the world and is significantly more cost effective than hosting your own software. Cloud-based businesses will do well to have more than one broadband connection in place to ensure access at all times. But what happens when your actual SaaS provider goes out of business? With hardware you can have backups in place, but when you don’t physically own the software it is a different matter.

Why SaaS Escrow?

SaaS escrow with LE&AS can help eliminate the risk of losing access to your business-critical software and data. It does this by measuring the financial performance of either or both your Software Provider and Hosting Provider. If either hit an agreed ‘trigger point’, preventative step in actions take place, ensuring continued access to your business-critical software and data. In the event that your providers go out of business, you have continued access and importantly, contractual assurance that you have continued access to your software and data.

Why invest?

So, is SaaS escrow worth the investment? Perhaps the better question might be can you afford to run the risk of leaving your business continuity to chance? Any business owner who has experienced total loss of services or data will tell you time and again that protecting your business is vital. In the same way that you insure phones, laptops, cars and homes, you need to put measures in place to protect your business continuity. Data loss and service interruption can be an inconvenience, but loss of client confidence can be catastrophic.  If you rely heavily on SaaS then you need to be proactive in protecting both your business operations and reputation.

Why AccessAssure?

The escrow provision from LE&AS goes far deeper than insuring business continuity. As G-Cloud suppliers, we know the needs of cloud-based businesses and we have created a service that is designed with these businesses in mind. AccessAssure incorporates the software vendor (licensor), the software user (licensee) and a third-party hosting provider to provide a legally binding, mutually beneficial agreement. Don’t leave your business to chance, contact LE&AS today to secure your future.

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