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How to run a business from anywhere in the world

Want to work remotely? Thanks to Software as a Service (SaaS) it is possible to run a business from anywhere in the world. From bloggers to entrepreneurs, anyone with an idea to sell a product or a service can do so from a log cabin, a beach front or the comfort of their armchair. All they need is a digital marketing campaign, an eCommerce website and bespoke business software.

Working from the beach

Consumers who need to operate on the go have pushed the popularity of e-commerce, and savvy business owners are following suit. Gone are the days of needing office space and accruing costly overheads. Entrepreneurs can invest in cloud-based software and build empires on their mobile phone with SaaS.

What happens in the cloud stays in the cloud

If your business is dependent on cloud-based technology, then you are going to need to protect it. First of all, it is vital that you have a robust Firewall and Disaster Recovery Programme. This will help protect your IT systems from hackers and viruses and maintain client confidence.  On top of that you should consider protecting your SaaS access also.

When things go wrong

The plus side of SaaS is that you avoid big outlays and minimise ongoing costs, however you are at the mercy of your software and host provider. Despite the best working relationship, financial situations can change and your providers may face financial hardship. If they go out of business, then you as the customer may face losing access to your technology. This is where SaaS escrow can bridge the gap and help you maintain access to your business software.

Access all areas

LE&AS offer an expert SaaS escrow agreement, AccessAssure, which monitors the financial performance of your hosting and software provider. Should any inconsistencies be detected that could affect your providers operation, it will trigger a cascade of alerts so that you can confirm the situation and take any necessary steps. Want to keep your business operational anywhere in the world, contact LE&AS today for more information.

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