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How to protect your SaaS access

Sales going through the roof this week? There is nothing like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kick start the Christmas shopping season. This, of course, means that your software as a service needs to be firing on all cylinders. But what happens if your SaaS access fails? At LE&AS we believe that being forewarned is forearmed. Here we share some possible causes for a software crisis and the steps you can take to protect your business.

Technology Trouble

Disaster Recovery may be something that you never actually use. However, should you have a technology crisis , this will be one of the best investments you ever make for your business. Even with the best firewall in the world, sometimes hackers cause havoc and coding gets corrupted. When a crisis hits, especially with access software via the cloud, you may lose access to vital business data. Furthermore, client data may be lost and confidentiality breached. To avoid being left with blank screen syndrome and compromised data, you need to have a robust disaster recovery policy in place right from the outset.

Cash Flow Crisis

Your business may be booming, but that isn’t always the case for others. If your software provider or host provider run into financial difficulty you could suddenly find yourself with no access to your SaaS overnight. LE&AS offer businesses peace of mind regarding their software access with Access Assure. This proactive SaaS escrow agreement monitors your providers financial situation, and will trigger a cascade of alerts should their circumstances change.

Company Division

If you have go into partnership with another party to start a company it is advisable to have a contingency plan should you decide to part ways. You need to consider if you are in a financial position to buy your partner out. If you are not, then you are going to be faced with a difficult decision as to whether you apply for a loan to take sole ownership. This could of course take a while to come through, and in the meantime, your business may be brought to a standstill. Ensure that you have legal documents drawn up to protect your business continuity should you decide to terminate your partnership.

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