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How to protect your business technology

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The surge in e-commerce over the last decade has pushed businesses to become increasingly dependent on technology. From automation to bespoke software, companies are turning to tech to meet the demands of the global economy, and it is no secret that forward-thinking businesses are choosing cloud-based services as the quickest and cheapest way to access software to meet their need. If technology, software and software as a service is central to our daily function, then it is crucial that we protect it at all costs. Here we look at how you can take steps to protect your software.


Technology: Software vs the Cloud

When you are dependent upon business-critical technology day in, day out, a software emergency is going to vastly affect your productivity, not to mention your profit margin. First and foremost, levels of insurance must be taken out against all physical products that are bought or hired for business use in order to protect or replace them in the event of an emergency. LE&AS Software Escrow is the perfect option to protect bespoke business software, where a copy of your software source code is delivered to you in the event of a software failure or if your providers cease trading. But how do we go about protecting cloud-based software?

Get ahead in the cloud

The rise in popularity of cloud-based services is huge and Software as a Service (SaaS) is the fastest way to access software to kick start your business or get ahead in your industry. Rather than investing in costly software development and/or hosting a physical version of the software on your own servers, SaaS allows you to have all the benefits of the service without the cost of developing and hosting it. In addition, developers and host providers often work seamlessly together to update your technology without interrupting your service, which is a great perk for the less technologically-minded amongst us. Of course, no SaaS provider is immune to threats from the outside world, and bugs, viruses and the turbulent world of business can quickly bring even the biggest business to its knees. As cloud computing and SaaS continues to grow and evolve, it is vital that you protect access to your virtual services should your providers go out of business, and this is where LE&AS steps in.

Stay in the cloud

We cannot prevent your cloud-based software from crashing any more than we can prevent the possibility of a business deal failing, however, the experts at LE&AS can help support your existing Disaster Recovery Plan with AccessAssure, our patented SaaS escrow service. This unique, proactive agreement monitors the financial performance of your hosting and software provider and will alert you should any inconsistencies be detected that may affect your provider’s ability to trade. At LE&AS, we believe that prevention is better than cure, so by detecting potential threats or difficulties early on, you can have the necessary conversations to clarify the situation. If your providers are unable to continue your cloud-based service provision, then AccessAssure will work to uphold access to your SaaS for up to three months to maintain business continuity, while helping you to transfer to a new host. So, what are you waiting for? Contact LE&AS today and make sure that you protect your virtual business software today.

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