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Don’t jeopardise access to your digital data

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From digital media to digital data, the last decade has seen the world do data differently, and businesses are now more reliant on web-based software or software as a service (SaaS) than ever before. Companies are choosing powerful cloud-based software rather than hardware, and moving their data from hard disks to digital storage to save time and space. SaaS gives instant access to business-critical software and data when you need it, without expensive overheads.

When things go wrong

So, you have invested in your SaaS and everything is going smoothly. Next thing you know, the screens go blank and you are left with an inaccessible operating system and no customer database. What then? Savvy entrepreneurs will have already done their homework to check that their Host or Software Provider offer a comprehensive disaster recovery programme. But what if said providers have ceased trading?


Access to your digital data

If your software host or providers cease trading, not only do you stand to lose access to your business operating systems, but you also lose access to confidential customer data. This would render your company in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, at a huge cost to the business both financially, and in terms of retaining customer confidence. Digital governance and protection is important but can be a little more difficult as the data can be accessed by more than one party, e.g., a SaaS host/provider and the SaaS user at any one time. In this instance, a specific SaaS escrow agreement is required to protect all parties from a data breach, retain access to business-critical data and maintain continuity of service.

Expert assurance when you need it

LE&AS are experts in SaaS escrow, and we have designed AccessAssure to protect providers, hosts and end users in the event that a SaaS provider ceases trading. We actively credit monitor your host and SaaS provider to identify potential threats to your business and enable you to move your software hosting elsewhere in good time. As a company, we do not hold copies of your data, but we do hold your source code. In the event that your current host provider cannot give you access to your software, we can bridge the gap and keep your business systems operating. AccessAssure is a cost-effective way of protecting the continuity of service alongside your confidential customer data, and you can complete data back-ups as and when you need them, not on a monthly basis whether you want one or not.

Access Assure

If you are a user of SaaS, don’t jeopardise access to your digital data, choose LE&AS to protect your business today.

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