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Data vs Software Access: Why Protect Both

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Data is one word that is commonly bandied about in the business world. Entrepreneurs rely on collecting data in market research and scouring data for trends. Companies rely on client data to monitor and improve their performance. Clients expect their data to be protected. With such great importance being placed on data it makes sense that businesses are going to want to protect it. But what about the software that collects and stores it? It is vital that you protect both your data and software access for business continuity.

Software Services

More and more companies are choosing to access and store their business-critical software and data in the cloud. Using Software as a Service (SaaS) allows businesses to access their information 24 hours a day without the need to host software on their own servers. Instead, a third-party company will act as the software provider, and another as the host provider, with the end user accessing the software via the Cloud.

Software Access

The most obvious risks to cloud-based software are of course cyberattacks, however, the biggest threat to your SaaS is actually the financial demise of your software or host provider. If they cease trading, your software access stops, and with it access to all your business-critical data too. This is where SaaS escrow from LE&AS come in.

Software Protection

Protecting your virtual services in the cloud starts with a robust Disaster Recovery Plan but this alone is not enough to protect your software access. LE&AS have designed Access Assure, a SaaS escrow plan that protects your access and maintains continuity within your business.

Software Access

AccessAssure monitors the financial status of your hosting and software provider to alert you to any changes in their circumstances. By detecting potential risks to SaaS provision early on, businesses are given the heads up that their providers may need reviewing. Meanwhile, LE&AS will work to uphold access to your SaaS and data for up to three months to maintain business continuity. Want to protect your business software access? Contact LE&AS today on 0800 456 1115.

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