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Common mistakes made in SaaS business

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One of the biggest concerns for businesses is risk to their investment. We can’t create bullet proof businesses, but we can be aware of the risks that we face and be proactive in avoiding them. Here we identify the fatal four mistakes made in SaaS businesses.

Go it alone

Start ups may not see the need to invest in a digital marketing firm, but as an SaaS business, with no high street presence, marketing couldn’t be more key. You may be still finding your feet and establishing who you are as a brand in the early days, but you still need to be seen. This is where digital marketing and brand alignment coaching come in. By evaluating who you are and presenting your brand on digital platforms, your target audience can watch your story unfold and evolve. Even B2B clients love to know the backstory, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to take your brand to the next level with professional agencies.


If you don’t know your customer than you won’t win them. If your software as a service is geared towards business to business clients then don’t oversimplify your content. Yes, avoid reams of writing that people don’t have time to sift through, but not at the expense of key words and business specific jargon that will draw them in in the first place. 

Poor planning

It goes without saying that a robust business plan is essential to get your enterprise off the ground. But online entrepreneurs need to go one step further. It’s all well and good to have a contingency plan for staff and stock, but what about your software? SaaS escrow can provide you with peace of mind that should your software or hosting provider go out of business, you maintain access to your online services.

Forget feedback

Don’t miss out on the one thing that can make or break your SaaS business – feedback. The business industry is constantly evolving, which means businesses need to keep up with demand. Analyse your clients experience and review your current service provision at least every six months to ensure you are providing best practice. By completing regular reviews, you will be able to identify areas that require improvement and work with customers who might ordinarily walk away without follow up.  

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