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How to protect your business technology

Posted on by admin

The surge in e-commerce over the last decade has pushed businesses to become increasingly dependent on technology. From automation to bespoke software, companies are turning to tech to meet the demands of the global economy, and it is no secret … Read More…

Why SaaS escrow promotes data protection

Posted on by admin

Digital data is central to the daily operation of businesses worldwide, and in 2017 we are more dependent on software than ever before. If you are reliant on business-critical software, then it goes without saying that you are going to … Read More…

Could your business survive a technology crisis?

Posted on by admin

If there is one thing that every 2017 SME will have in common, it is a huge dependency on technology. Business critical software is at the core of day to day operations in thousands of enterprises from every sector, from … Read More…

Source Code vs Object Code: Why you need to protect both

The holiday season is the ideal opportunity to review processes and make plans to propel your business forward in 2017. Forward thinking SME’s and corporate giants alike are thinking outside the box to meet their clients demands in a more … Read More…