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Business security whilst remote working

Posted on by admin

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was not uncommon but certainly not as widespread as it is today. Even when restrictions begin to lift and the country returns to business as usual, it’s likely that remote and flexible working will … Read More…

Second COVID-19 lockdown? How to protect your business

Posted on by admin

It seems like only yesterday that we were sighing with relief that businesses were coming out of lockdown and life could start getting back to normal. Unfortunately, it was short-lived as the possibility of a second wave of Coronavirus in … Read More…

Who really has my business critical data and how safe is it?

Business critical data is any information that is vital to the operation of your business. This is the data that you want to make sure is well protected, as if it gets compromised, the business becomes exposed to risk that … Read More…

Why your reputation matters in business

Posted on by admin

Want to stay ahead of the competition? You need to be more than just bigger and faster. Reputation speaks louder than all the USP’s of your competitors, and one way to protect yours is to maintain business continuity. Keep your … Read More…

How long can you survive without your data?

Posted on by admin

The short answer to this question for most business owners is not very long. Business critical software data and client data are central to the day to day operations of eCommerce companies, and to this end, they should be considered … Read More…