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Can you future proof your software as a service?

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shutterstock_258265709Advances in cloud-based software are at an all-time high as businesses everywhere turn to bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS) to access innovative and intuitive technology. Businesses who are dependent on SaaS for their daily operations need to invest in the best, and naturally, that includes protection for if things go wrong. Here we explain how SaaS escrow agreements from LEAAS can actually help future proof your software as a service.

Turbulent Times


Software companies are facing increased instability, and in a turbulent economic climate it is not uncommon to see successful software developers cease trading overnight.

Whether they cannot pay bills or simply fail to update software, the difficulties this brings to those who use the services can be catastrophic.

Software users may find themselves with business-critical software that they cannot access, much less update. Perhaps the worst case scenario when SaaS fails is that unlucky entrepreneurs face the dreaded blank screen syndrome accompanied with complete loss of data.

Assured Access

The fundamental reason for investing in SaaS escrow is to protect the continuity of access to your business-critical software should your host provider or developer go out of business. The accessibility, maintenance and update of any software is reliant on access to the source code. Unlike downloaded software, customers (licensees) using cloud-based software will not have immediate access to the source code, and therefore will not be able to access or update their software should the licensor cease trading.

A SaaS escrow agreement secures your software accessibility with a third party if your host provider or developer (the licensor) goes into administration. Without SaaS escrow, your software may be inaccessible and rendered obsolete at any time, however, if escrow is in place, you (the licensee) can continue to host, access, maintain and update your software as a service.

Stay One Step Ahead

As experts in software escrow, LEAAS have devised unique SaaS provision, AccessAssure, which gives you continual access to your business-critical software so you can continue to run your business. AccessAssure can not only protect you in the event of a software emergency, but it can also alert you to a potential emergency. Designed to be one step ahead at all times, our pro-active system monitors the continuity of software as a service and inbuilt flag points will detect and highlight breaches in service provision, maintenance and communication in advance.

Access AssureFor more information on future proofing your business-critical software in a crisis, call our team now on 0800 456 1115.


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