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Can coronavirus affect your company

Posted on by Rachel

coronavirus and companies

When you consider risks to your business, it is unlikely that you considered the effect of a pandemic on your profit margin. Yet here we are, in the midst of coronavirus, facing incredible uncertainty across all industries.

Coronavirus Crisis

Social distancing and panic buying are set to put a huge strain on our economy. Online services remain popular as consumers avoid the high street, however if staff aren’t in work to fulfill orders, then there is a limit on the operations of eCommerce going forward. Add to that the pressures of work drying up and people being laid off, and we are left with a very challenging climate.

Business Community

What can businesses do? In these difficult times we need to be creative, supportive and sympathetic to suppliers and customers alike. The indefinite nature of the current crisis means that business owners are dealing with both the immediate and long-term impact of maintaining continuity. One thing we do need to be proactive at is maintaining business relationships. The community is coming together like never before, and the same must be said of the business world too. Managers need to be people focussed right now; looking at how to best support their staff and reassure their stakeholders. At LEAAS, we hope to alleviate some of the stress by ensuring that access to your software is not another thing for you to worry about.

Business Continuity

One of the biggest threats to eCommerce businesses is your SaaS being compromised. Software Providers (SP) and Host Providers (HP) are keen to reassure their clients that they are doing everything in their power to keep services online, and this is where SaaS escrow from LEAAS can help. We can offer expert advice as to how to reassure clients and investors alike while maintaining business continuity in the covid-19 crisis and beyond.

How LEAAS can help

LEAAS have worked with legal experts to develop a unique system that gives you peace of mind in the current climate. AccessAssure is an SaaS escrow agreement that is mutually beneficial for providers and end users, that works to protect your software investment and your access. LEAAS can offer favourable terms or deferred payments on escrow provision so as not to put any additional financial strain on to businesses. Call us today on 0800 456 1115 to discuss how we can help your business during the coronavirus crisis.

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