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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Escrow Agreement Offers Affordable Protection Against Saas Provider Failure

Posted on by admin

The key attraction of moving IT to the cloud for many businesses lies in the potential for significant cost savings. But in their desire to save costs, businesses should not overlook the importance of buying a SaaS escrow agreement which … Read More…

Security Leads SaaS Checklist But What About Vendor Viability?

Posted on by admin

One of the biggest concerns for organisations considering moving IT to the cloud has traditionally been security. From the earliest days of the cloud computing boom, fears about security invariable top the list of reason for not moving to the … Read More…

The Benefits And Risks Of Putting Customer Data In The Cloud

Posted on by admin

  The CRM market has evolved dramatically in recent years. More organizations are embracing cloud-based CRM services as the foundation for an omnichannel customer engagement strategy. They value the flexibility and scalability offered by cloud infrastructure and the increasingly sophisticated … Read More…