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10 Fascinating Stats about Cloud Computing in the UK

You’ve no doubt heard or read that investment in the cloud is increasing. There are already plenty of articles on the Internet about the growth in cloud computing. UK organisations are investing more than ever before in the cloud and it is a trend that doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere fast.

But, behind these headlines, there are also some fascinating stats. Going through some of the latest research into cloud computing, we’ve come across some of the freshest stats about the cloud.

How well do people currently understand cloud computing?

1. 51% of those surveyed believed that stormy weather could affect the performance of cloud-based software (Source Citrix Cloud Survey)

2. 95% of people who don’t believe they are using the cloud actually are! They just don’t recognise that they are cloud users (Source Citrix Cloud Survey)

3. 22% of people confess to pretending that they understand how the cloud works. (Source Citrix Cloud Survey)

How quickly is the cloud growing in the UK?

4. At the end of 2013, up to 75% of UK-based organisation will be using at least one type of cloud service (Source Cloud Industry Forum)

5. There are currently 2184 hosting companies based in the UK- as of 23rd September 2013 (Source Webhosting Info)

6. Only 20% of current cloud software users are not planning to increase how much they spend on the cloud (Source Cloud Industry Forum)

7. By 2016, it’s expected that over 50% of emails will be accessed with a mobile device instead of on a desktop computer (Source Gartner)

What are the main business concerns about the Cloud?

8.  For 82% of people, security of data is the biggest worry when implementing cloud software (Source Cloud Industry Forum)

9. Security concerns rank higher than compliance in regard to data storage decision (Source Cloud Industry Forum)

10. 89% of cloud users prefer to keep their data in the UK (Source Cloud Industry Forum)

What do you think are the most important trends for cloud computing? Is security of data your biggest concern? If so, what measures are you putting in place to protect yourself?

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